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Urethane Fractional Bumper Plates

Urethane Fractional Bumper Plates

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Gymleco’s mini weight plates or so-called fractional plates are smaller weight plates in sizes between 0.5 kg and 5 kg. Made in high quality to last heavy usage for a long time. Designed in beautiful bright colours so that you easily can identify which plate has which weight when loading up for your workout.


Technical specifications & Documents

Weight plate color

Colored by weight

Weight plate type

Training Weights, Technique weights

Exercise types

Functional Training



0,5 kg in white

130 mm in diameter & 10 mm in thickness

1 kg in green

155 mm in diameter & 13,5 mm in thickness

1,5 kg in yellow

172 mm in diameter & 18 mm in thickness

2 kg in blue

186 mm in diameter & 18 mm in thickness

2,5 kg in red

205 mm in diameter & 19 mm in thickness

5 kg in black

225 mm in diameter & 24 mm in thickness 824F

More about the weight plates


The weights are used to increase your strength training in small steps. Traditionally used in functional fitness together with bumper plates.
The weights fits all olympic bars that are 50 mm in diameter and are therefor easy to match with your other gym equipment. The weights are widely used by personal trainers and are intended for progressive strength training but also for rehabilitation training.
Perfect to use when your personal development is in focus and you want to beat your personal records in barbell exercises with small weights.


Combine these plates with

These weight plates are perfect to combine with any of our barbells and with our bumper plates since they have the standard international 50 mm hole. You can also use them on our plate loaded machines. They work perfectly in both a home environment or in a professional gym since they are really durable.


 Sold separately and not in pairs!

Shipping & Returns

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