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What it takes to become an official Gymleco UK show site!


If at least 80% of your Gym machines are Gymleco, or you have 15+ Gymleco machines, then you will become a powered by Gymleco show site.

Gymleco's plate loaded machines are totally maintenance free and have a compact design. Thanks to this, you can fit more machines in the gym and therefore optimize your surface. The functionality is optimal as the movement provides a correct and smooth muscle load throughout the whole exercise.

Our selectorised machines have a timeless and compact design. The simple and ergonomic movement of our gym machines makes it equally easy for everyone to understand and use them. The machines fit both the beginner and advanced trainer. What’s unique with the design? Well instead of wires, our selectorised machines are equipped with Powerband™ that never needs to be adjusted because it does not stretch in the same way as wires. Thanks to the Powerband™ a smooth and ergonomic movement is created. Also, our PowerBand ™ doesn’t wear out the band wheels as wires do, which makes our construction even more unique. If you choose Gymleco’s selectorised machines, you can be sure that you have made a sustainable investment.

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What's in it for you?

After earning the 'powered by Gymleco status', your gym will get social media exposure from all Gymleco social accounts. This will include a professional photoshoot, video content, and regular posts. You will also feature on the Gymleco UK and official Gymleco website. Both of these combined will attract new members, new followers and increase your brand exposure.

Additionally, you will receive the Powered by Quality Gymleco plaque to put anywhere in your gym, and a merchandise pack, which can include T shirts, Hats, Hoodies, lifting straps and more. You will be the one of the first to receive exclusive product release updates and discounts.

Gymleco Lifetime warranty - A lifetime warranty is provided on all steel frames and welding's, flange bearings, weight stack, engraving, shock absorbing discs in weight stack, weight stack bars, bar hangers and cam shaft. The lifetime guarantee includes fabrication and material errors.

Gymleco 10 year warranty - A 10 year warranty is provided on Powerband (only 300-Series), the band stretching system, bearings and band wheels, the seat adjustment system, all setting possibilities, and the rubber handles. Guarantee is also provided on fabrication and material errors.

Gymleco UK Show Sites

EmpowHer Studio

Our first all ladies Gymleco gym, Vicky, the owner of EmpowHer Studio, decided to open the gym, as she felt there was a gap in the market regarding women’s training. Vicky wanted to create a clean and slick looking gym space where women would feel more comfortable using gym equipment. Vicky is starting to build a community for the members, so they can openly speak to each other and empower each other through not just with exercise, but with everyday conversations as well.

EmpowHer Studio- Gymleco UK testimonial
EmPowHer Studio

Planet Fitness 

Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness centres in the UK, with over 1500 members and 572 pieces of equipment. Astonishingly, over 15 of them are now Gymleco, as they became one of our UK show sites for Gymleco. We wanted to make this amazing gym a Gymleco site to invite people to, and we wanted to hear their members feedback on the Swedish brand.

Whilst also building a great customer relationship with Planet Fitness. Gym Owner's Comments:"We are buzzing to be a Gymleco showsite, and we can't wait to place the powered by Gymleco sign at our main entrance". The Gymleco sign is something we gifted to Planet as a gesture of good will.

Hard Labour

Hard Labour Gym has become one of our most valued customers, this independent Gym in Warrington has over 15 pieces of Gymleco. We also service their equipment to keep the gym in safe working order for their members.

Dave Prichard the sole owner of Hard Labour, regularly gives us feedback on the service we provide. "Amazing customer service and installs right from the very start, especially the Gymleco bicep curl machine, that is the best bicep curl I've ever used"

Modified Fitness 

Modified Fitness is a proud independent gym based in Chester, they have now purchased 15+ Gymleco machines from us. The 10,500 FT2 gym will be a Gymleco UK show site.

What They Said: "All of our members have been excited about the new equipment installs, they love Gymleco and the range of machines they provide".

Ultraflex Rotherham

Kuba the owner of Ultraflex is a brand ambassador for Gymleco, and Ultraflex Rotherham has purchased 5 pieces of new Gymleco equipment from us. A50 have installed and customised the machines for him and built a great relationship.

Kuba has also gave A50 numerous mentions, shares and great feedback on Instagram.​UltraFlex gym Rotherham attracts gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts, powerlifters and bodybuilders from all around the world with it’s top range of gym equipment from manufacturers across the globe. Luckily a50 fitness provided them with Gymleco equipment ‘straight from Sweden’, some of Kuba’s personal favourites were the Seated Leg Press and Standing Chest Press.

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