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Gym Equipment - Founded in Sweden 1994

Gymleco is today Northern Europe’s largest designer and producer of professional gym equipment. THE BEST GYM EQUIPMENT ON THE MARKET! PERFECT FOR BODYBUILDER EXERCISES.

We have focused on designing unique and functional gym equipment with a long lifespan and without maintenance needs. Our UK customers see us as a total fitness solution and a profitable investment for a gym space. Whether you love squatting or doing a shoulder press, Gymleco will have the perfect machine for you.

It all started 1994 in a small kitchen, south of Stockholm in Sweden with the idea of
providing the market with affordable, functional and sustainable fitness equipment.

The ambition was to develop maintenance free strength training equipment with
high functionality and quality. The equipment would be born by the muscle throughout the movement, without a negative impact on the joints.

The goal has always been to offer sustainable equipment that our customers can
have at their gyms for decades, and now we are here. We have customers who have
equipment left from the 90’s - still going strong. Since the start, we have focused on designing unique and functional equipment with
long lifespam and without maintenance needs.

We truly believe in our own sustainable design and construction, with other words: products for a sustainable future.

  • Modified Fitness Gymleco Machines

    Best Quality Gym Equipment

    Gym equipment of the best quality which is space saving. THE BEST STRENGTH EQUIPMENT ON THE MARKET!

    Get more from your space with space saving gym machines and strength equipment.

    Make sure that the experience in your gym is the best possible with products that doesn’t take up to much space and that holds even during hard training. Our complete assortment of Swedish made and minimal maintenance machine equipment gives you more time to develop your gym and focus on your members.

    Gymleco’s gym equipment is great for home gyms, business gyms or commercial gyms.
    We have an assortment of products with sustainable design which mean a sustainable and long term investment for you and your gym. Our products requires minimal maintenance which means that you can put your money on other things than expensive service and maintenance fees.

  • 3D Gym Design Software

    Gym Design

    Our team of industry experts have extensive gym design expertise, so you can be confident that we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best outcomes for any gym project.  After discussing your vision with one of our designers we will create 3D visuals of your facility using the latest CAD technology. This allows you to revise your initial plans and finalise the layout and gym equipment selection.

    Our Process has been developed to be fast and easy to use. You have the option to do quick revisions to the layout and directly see the result in real-time 3D. This is the industry standard when it comes to gym design & fitness facility planning.

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Gymleco 10 year warranty

The Most Extensive Gym Equipment Warranties on the Market

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