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Push-up Bars

Push-up Bars

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These Gymleco Push-up bars are designed in highest quality materials for durable bodyweight training. Push-up bars make push-ups incredibly easier by reducing the stress on the targeted muscle groups and joints. Build strength in your upper body and core with this exercise that works the pectoral muscles in your chest and the triceps. These are the muscles in the back of your upper arms.


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Exercise types

Functional Training, Calisthenics


Black 621

More about Push-up Bars

These high-quality Gymleco Parallettes, or also called Push-up Bars are used in the sport of calisthenics and help you get more power in exercises that strengthen the arms, shoulders and chest. Regularly using push up bars helps in increasing the strength of your wrists and the grip of your hands too.

These are used, for example, on hand-held exercises or to make push-ups more advanced. Designed and manufactured by Gymleco, they are of the highest quality. Fits just as well in the commercial gym as in your home gym.



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