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Prowler Sled

Prowler Sled

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Gymleco’s Prowler Sled is one of the best gym equipments for developing strength throughout the body. The exercise involves your glutes, hips, back, hamstrings, calves, core, tricpes and shoulders all at once. You can choose to load heavy weight on it or not. However, you will have a power full-body workout!


Technical specifications & Documents

Exercise types

Functional Training


50 kg


600 685

More about Prowler Sled


The Prowler Sled combines the training of strength and endurance of legs, waist and arms. Often used in functional fitness but also in the traditional gyms, Prowler sled is used more in all training with the endless exercises that can be found with it. You can load the Prowler Sled with weight plates and push forward, pull back, attach rope and pull through it – the possibilities are endless!

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