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Gymleco Standing Scott Curl Bench

Gymleco Standing Scott Curl Bench

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Scott curls is the best exercise for isolating the arm musclesIn this Scott bench you train biceps curls in a standing position, with dumbbells or a smaller barbell, which makes the exercise isolated and effective.


More information

The main muscles trained are the biceps brachia and anterior brachialis, and the supporting muscles are the brachioradial is (the lateral part of the posterior forearm) the forearm and finger flexors. 

This Scott bench from Gymleco has a sturdy footplate as well as adjustments for height. It’s popular among those who love their biceps workouts. Equipped with a stable stand and double cushions with right angles to make training more effective and isolated. The bench is designed for commercial use at professional gyms, and although it’s in a compact design the bench is very stable and robust.

How to

  1. Take a dumbbell in one hand (or a barbell in both), set up the height so that the pad is at the bottom of your pecs. Extend your arm all the way down.
  2. Flex the forearms and biceps, and curl the weight up. Extend back down.


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