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Gymleco 042 Standing Leg Curl

Gymleco 042 Standing Leg Curl

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The Standing Leg Curl is a strength training machine that trains the back of the thigh also called hamstring. The knee joint and muscle work freely during the whole exercise movement, which makes this machine not only efficient but also ergonomic.

More about the machine

This Gymleco machine makes any attempt at cheating futile. Similar to our seated leg curl, this machine is equipped with two flat cushions; one under the calf and the other over the shin allowing the knee joint and muscle work freely during the whole movement path. The feeling of the movement is isolated to the hamstring muscle.

This hamstring machine is a big favourite among both women and men that is looking for a great exercise for their leg days.


Special features

As always, Gymleco’s machines are designed in a compact design so that you easily can fit it to the gym and optimize your surface. The machine are designed for commercial use and can therefore resist heavy strength training year after year.


Other details

  • Balanced lever
  • Long operating range
  • Rubberized handle
  • 2 weight hangers included


Technical specifications & Documents

Gym machine muscle target



96 cm


117 cm


123 cm


83,5 kg

Cushion color


Exercise types

Strength training

Shipping & Returns

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