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Gymleco Standing Chin-Up Rack

Gymleco Standing Chin-Up Rack

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You probably recognize this chins rack from any fitness competition or street workout show in Sweden. It’s been used heavily for competitions and shows since it’s built in the highest quality. It’s robust stable but at the same compact with a clean, black design. Choose this rack for your gym if you want what’s best on the market.


More about the rack


A stable and beautiful construction with a ledge that is slightly behind the bar so that you can easily reach the bar and start doing your chins. The railing has an untreated bar for the best possible grip but it’s possible to order the bar with treatment if that is something you want on your chins rack. The diameter of the chins bar is in a standard measurement of 25 mm, this makes the rack suitable in competitions and events.

This rack will be appreciated in your gym or functional fitness studio since chins is a very common training exercise and this rack makes it easy to reach the bar compared to ceiling or wall hanged bars.

The rack has feet with holes for floor attachment, if you want the rack to stand extra safely in your gym or functional box.

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