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Gymleco Single Grip Triceps Rope

Gymleco Single Grip Triceps Rope

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This Gymleco handle is a single hand grip and designed for commercial use. You can for example do triceps extensions in cable crossovers and other cable machines. Length for this triceps rope handle is 35 cm and it has a rubber stop in the end which makes it easier to hold onto it during working out.


More about handles for cable machines


We offer a variety of cable machine attachments for your gym. In our large assortment you’ll find both traditional cable machine handles such as tricep ropes, straight bars and chrome lat pulldown bars but also unique ones as the supra row handles. Cable machine handles are metal bars in different shapes that you attach to the cable machines. It can also be ankle cuffs that you clip into the wire to work different muscle groups.


How to choose the right cable machine attachments


What kind of cable machine handles you should have depends on the size of the gym and on which kind of exercises you want to do. We would recommend you to have a great base with tricep rope, EZ curl handle, a lat pulldown bar and a row handle. The most common attachments to offer in a big gym is these four handles because these are the traditional exercises in a fourstation or cable machine with a crossover. 


Gymleco’s cable machine handles are always made of highest quality materials and are therefore suitable for the professional gyms.

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