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Gymleco Seal Row Bench

Gymleco Seal Row Bench

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The High Row bench, also called Seal Row bench, is an isolated back exercise which is performed by lying with your chest on the bench and pulling on a barbell or dumbbells. This Gymleco machine is a big favourite worldwide!


More about the machine

High Row bench, also called Seal Row bench, is an exercise where the trapezius, biceps and back shoulders are in focus. It is a popular back isolation exercise where you lay your chest flat on the bench (parallel to the floor) with your arms at the sides pulling either dumbbells or a barbell.

The exercise has earlier been difficult to train in the gym but now that you have a gym machine for it, it has become one of the most popular exercises in heavy weight training.

Special features

  • No settings
  • Ergonomically correct movement
  • Effective training of several muscle groups

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