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Gymleco Power Rack

Gymleco Power Rack

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Here is our robust and and compact power rack that fits all training facilities, both in big commercial gyms, medium size office gyms or smaller home gyms. Built with only quality materials it is extremely durable so that you can train heavy. Not only that, it will look great in your gym for many years to come.


More about the power rack


A sturdy rack is a great equipment in any gym since it lets you do a lot of different training exercises such as squats, rows, pulls and presses. Just add a barbell, bench and some weight plates and you are ready to start working out your whole body. On this barbell rack you have 12 height adjustment holes both on the front bars and back bars so that you have a lot of options. Included with the rack are two removable and stable barbell holders that can be used both on the inside and outside of the stand and for your safety you also get two safety bars that you easily can adjust the placement on. This lets you exercise freely and heavy!


Materials & add-ons


The rack is made in strong black coated steel and at Gymleco we never use any plastic or sticker details. This to make the rack as premium and sustainable as possible.
The safety bars are in steel  with rubber handles for ultimate comfort.
You can choose to add a chins bar to your rack to also be able to do chins and pull ups in your power rack.



Shipping & Returns

Customers wishing to upgrade to'Delivery and Installation'please contact us directly on 01782 978978.

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