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Gymleco Podium set for Atlas Stones

Gymleco Podium set for Atlas Stones

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Gymleco’s Podium for Atlas Stones are an essential part of your Strongman equipment. The Podiums are robust and made of the highest quality to make sure that you can lift as heavy and as much as you’d like.


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150 cm, 135 cm and 120 cm 867

More about Atlas Stones

Atlas Stones are made of concrete shaped into a round ball. These are traditionally used in Strongman events but are now also popular on gyms that wants to offer something different. Atlas Stones provide training with explosiveness and power for the core, glutes and the back. These Podiums are thus used to lift the Atlas Stones on.


Custom build your Podiums

We can also help with stones for the Atlas Podium or take a look at our wall balls which works perfectly with the podiums as well. If you’d like a special design with different measurements or a different look, please contact us and we will help you custom build your Podiums.



  • The podium is available in sizes 150 cm, 135 cm and 120 cm, but can also be ordered in other sizes
  • Suitable for all Atlas Stone sizes
  • Can be mounted in triangle form, see picture 4.
  • Works well with Wall Balls too

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Customers wishing to upgrade to'Delivery and Installation'please contact us directly on 01782 978978.

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