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Gymleco 044 Plate Loaded V Squat

Gymleco 044 Plate Loaded V Squat

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This Gymleco combined Squat and Hacklift machine, also called V-Squat machine, allows two effective workouts in one; squats and hacklifts. Furthermore, the machine is designed space efficient. This is perfect if you want to save space at the gym!

More about the machine

In this gym machine you stand with your back against the backrest (for hacklift motion) or stand outside the machine in the reverse position (squat motion). This combination is incredibly popular and a must-have-machine at every gym. It is easy to understand for all users and thanks to its compact design it's easy for you to place at the gym and save space for more machines!

The machine has two starting positions at different heights so that regardless of body length, you can use the machine.


Special features

  • Long operating range
  • Rubberized handles
  • 2 weight hangers included
  • Large footplate in wooden


Technical specifications & Documents


171 cm


87 cm


191 cm


115 kg

Cushion color


Exercise types

Strength training



Shipping & Returns

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