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Gymleco 045 Pendulum Squat

Gymleco 045 Pendulum Squat

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This is probably the most stable and space-saving Pendulum Squat machine on the market. The movement replicates a squat but removes the pressure from the lower back and only a small amount of weight is needed to create a high level of resistance for your legs.

More about the machine

Gymleco’s Pendulum Squat machine is incredibly well designed for heavy and durable training for everyone. The combination of a large range of motion, correct movement throughout the training and a wide, non-slip foot plate makes this a unique leg machine. Training in this machine is gentle on the back and hips. The large foot plate allows for great variation in your leg position and the training becomes gentle on the knees.


Special features

Probably the most stable and space-saving pendulum squat available. In addition, Gymleco’s Pendulum Squat has an easier starting position, which makes it possible for everyone to use the machine, both daily exercisers and trained athletes.

With the included weight hangers, it is easy to load and unload the weight plates, which means that the gym stays in order and weight plates do not end up on the floor.

  • Description

    - Measures: Length: 191 cm / Width: 87-110 cm (without weights hangers 87 cm, with 110 cm) / Height: 163 cm

    - Weight: 150 kg

    - Easy and light starting position

    - Gentle on the back, hips and knees

    - Wide and non-slip foot plate

    - 2 Weight hangers for plate storage

    - Standard frame colour: Black

    - Standard cushion colour: Black / Re 

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