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Gymleco Mat storage, single hook

Gymleco Mat storage, single hook

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Gymleco’s wall hanged mat hanger with one hook. Perfect for hanging Gymleco’s hygienic mat with one eyelet.


More about the mat storage


This small tool is designed by Gymleco and is thus of the highest quality and suitable for the commercial gym. It’s made in stylish black coated steel and has a Gymleco logo cut out in the middle. Perfect for both the stretch area at your gym, the group training area where there is a need for organizing your yoga mats and at the home gym where you want the mats hanged neatly on the wall.

There is also a version with two hooks for our hygienic mats with two holes.


Storage in the gym


It’s important to remember the storage when buying gym equipment. It’s easy to forget but an essential part of keeping your gym organized. This to increase the life span of your equipment and making cleaning easier in the gym. If you have a boutique gym, box or big commercial gym your gym members will appreciate having a designated place for the gym equipment and the look and feel of a gym where it’s clean and tidy.


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