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Gymleco Lifting Rack for Decline Bench

Gymleco Lifting Rack for Decline Bench

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This is a barbell rack which is excellent to use with our decline bench when doing bench presses. A robust rack that will last you a long time but still compact so that you can have one or more in your gym. The quality materials together with the clean design makes it fit into any kind of environment. Both in your bigger professional gym or smaller boutique gym.


More about the rack


The rack is versatile since it can on top of decline benches also be used with regular benches and as a barbell rack when doing heavy deadlifts since it has 2 barbell holders in different heights. The safety bars can be mounted in two different heights, 405 or 455 mm depending on what kind of exercises you are doing.
There are three weight hangers on the rack so that you can have both your barbell and weight plates at the same place without them ending up on the floor or you needing to carry them to a hanger far away.


A compact but stylish rack. Due to it’s black steel frame and steel details it’s a sustainable choice that will never go out of fashion.

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