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245 Plate Loaded Leg Press / Hacklift

245 Plate Loaded Leg Press / Hacklift

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This Gymleco combi machine offers two very popular leg exercises in one gym machine. Both the leg press and hack lift exercise. Just as efficient and ergonomic as a separate gym machine for each exercise, this combi machine makes sure that you save space but keep your gym members happy.


More bout the gym machine


This is probably the only combination machine in the world where you can switch exercise with only one setting and no loose parts. You switch exercise by changing the angle of the knurled foot support in the middle of the gym machine. Either you angle it outwards to do the sitting leg press or angle it along with the machine to do the standing hack squat with the foot support against your back.
You can then switch the height of the shoulder support and foot support with simple levers at the top or bottom of the machine depending on your height. Depending on how you want to do the exercise you can also change the angle setting for your back support when doing leg presses and for your feet when doing the hack lift.

A compact gym machine due to its smart design. For example the the weight plates are loaded in the centre of the machine instead of the outside, to save space. Even though it has a small footprint it is still made in the highest quality materials which makes it extremely durable, withstanding heavy training year after year.


Special features


The plate loaded machine has four weight plate hangers and two weight placements when doing the exercise. This means that you can both store a lot of weights on the gym machine and train very heavy.
The gym machine has a steady beam in the bottom of the foot plate if you want to train your calves and handles at the bottom so you can keep your body steady when doing heavy leg presses.


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Length 230 cm / Width 81 cm / Height 145 cm

    - No loose parts

    - Adjustable footrest

    - Adjustable back support for leg press

    - 4 weight hangers included

    - Calves board included

    - Standard frame colour: black

    - Standard cushion colour: black/red


Shipping & Returns

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