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Gymleco 022 ISO Lateral Bench Press, Horizontal

Gymleco 022 ISO Lateral Bench Press, Horizontal

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Gymleco’s Iso Lateral Bench Press with individual levers and inward movement. This Gymleco Bench Press is both effective, ergonomic and incredible comfortable.

 Gymleco’s equipment and gym machines are always designed with effective and safe movement, such as this one. It has ergonomically designed handles to reduce strain on the wrist. Gymleco’s unique lever with optimal biomechanics, which gives the right load distribution throughout the movement.

 The machine is designed with weight hangers on the side which makes it easy for the trainer to load more weights on the machine.

 This bench press is very popular among Gymleco customers and it’s a must-have on every gym! Try it and you will understand why!


Gym machine muscle target



163 cm


133 cm


114 cm


92,5 kg

Cushion color


Exercise types

Strength training



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