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Gymleco Half Rack, double sided

Gymleco Half Rack, double sided

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Our Gymleco double half rack designed and manufactured of the highest quality to suit commercial use in gyms and other training facilities such as functional fitness boxes. The design is beautiful, compact and functional. Here you have two lifting stations in one including both safety bars, weight hangers, barbell hangers and two chin racks. A perfect multi-use rack for your gym.


More about the double half rack


Here you have a rack where two people can perform a large number of training exercises such as bench press, squats, chins, pull-ups, standing rowing, etc. You can also feel safe while performing the exercise since the rack is delivered with safety bars, which are easily attached in the height needed. Don’t know where to store your weights? No worries, the half rack is delivered with 8 weight hangers where you can easily store the weight plates close to your barbell. It’s both easily accessible when exercising but also prevents weight plates from ending up on the floor. To keep your gym stylish, take a look at our high quality barbells, weight plates and training benches. You can find it all here at Gymleco and everything will look fantastic together. 

Do you have a smaller space but still want a functional fitness area? Our half rack is also available as a single version. 

Take a look at our video below to get inspo on how your gym can look with our half racks. Creating a long row with multiple double half racks is really a show stopper!

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