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Gymleco Fitness Yoke

Gymleco Fitness Yoke

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Gymleco’s own Fitness Yoke with adjustable height. Beautiful, clean design made of strong material, making the piece timeless. A perfect gym equipment for heavy strongman training. 

Technical specifications & Documents

Exercise types





50 kg

Lowest position

132 cm

Highest position

177 cm

Grip diameter

60 mm 664

More about Yoke at the gym

A Yoke is a classic strongman exercise tool where you load weight plates and stand under the gear to carry it on your shoulders. Gymleco’s Yoke is designed with the upper ledger in 50 mm diameter. Low base weight which thus allows anyone to try on this strongman training equipment.

Gymleco’s Yoke is a powerful training tool designed for tough strongman training, with adjustable height of the lintel to be able to adapt to all users. The scaffolding has a relatively low basic weight that allows most people to try on this gear.



  • The diameter of the grip 60 mm
  • Highest position: 177cm
  • Lowest position: 132cm
  • With black powder structural coating, unless otherwise desired.
  • Weighs 50 kg without weights

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