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Gymleco Dip Press Stand

Gymleco Dip Press Stand

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Ultimate gym equipment for bodyweight training for the upperbody. Gymleco’s Dip Press Stand is designed with the correct angles and in a compact form which makes it easy to place anywhere. This one is and has been popular on dips competitions in Sweden for many years.


More about Gymleco’s Dip Press stand

Here you have Gymleco’s famous Dip Press stand from, among other things, fitness and sports competitions in Sweden. Gymleco’s dip press is designed with the right angle and in a fresh, classic design. It’s perfectly suitable for gyms that can not attach a dip stand to the wall or for you those who wants to be flexible with placing the gym equipment anywhere.

Gymleco’s Dip Press stand is angled for variable grip width. It’s designed with the correct starting height and diameter of the handles (40 mm grip diameter)



  • Angled for variable grip width.
  • The correct starting height and diameter of the handles.
  • Diameter of dip grip: 40 mm

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