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Gymleco Conan Wheel

Gymleco Conan Wheel

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Gymleco’s Conan Wheel, also called Conan circle, is a classic Strongman training equipment where weight plates are loaded and “carried around” in a circulating motion in the machine.


More about Conan Wheel

The Conan’s wheel is one of the most common training equipment within Strongman. The implement is a long bar that sticks out from a pivot point with a weight that is carried by the trainer. This Strongman equipment is designed very stable and can withstand heavy training in a commercial environment.


Special features

The base of the Conan’s wheel has four slots for weight plates and the bar has articulated wheels to easily place the weights back into the original position. With handles, the lever can be easily removed. The distance from the center of the circle out to the start of the lifting arm is 160cm (which gives about 10 meters of walkway per turn)


  • Used with international weight plates
  • The lifting arm can be adjusted in height from 123 cm to 143 cm

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