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Gymleco Bench Press with Safety Bar Support

Gymleco Bench Press with Safety Bar Support

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The bench press is one of the most common exercises at the gym, performed with a barbell or dumbbells. In this Gymleco Bench Press you can do your presses in a safe way thanks to the safety bars.


More about the bench press

How to use: Set the height for the safety pins so that they’re slightly lower than where the barbell would be when touching your chest. If you can’t get the barbell off your chest, you simply sink your chest a bit or roll the barbell towards your face and let it rest on the pins.


Design details

This bench press is perfectly suitable for commercial gyms where quality equipment is required. It’s designed in a compact shape, which makes it easy to place at any gym. Thanks to high quality materials it will resist heavy strength training year after year. Gymleco’s bench press is comfortable and has a beautiful classic look that will lift your gyms environment even more.

  • Stable adjustable position, both in safety bars and the bar holder
  • 28 cm wide cushion
  • Wider cushion as an option

Shipping & Returns

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