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Gymleco Bench press/Squat rack, adjustable

Gymleco Bench press/Squat rack, adjustable

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This is a very robust and sturdy bench press and squat rack but still extremely flexible since you can adjust both the width and height on it. Works perfectly in your big professional gym, your smaller boutique gym or in your home gym. It’s compact but made in the best material which makes it fit in any fitness facility that takes training seriously.


More about the rack


This rack suits any type of barbell, both the international standards and the smaller special bars since you can easily adapt the size of the rack. Take a look at our large assortment of barbells, weight plates and weight collars and get a kit that suits your needs.

The design is compact and clean which makes sure that it can fit into any space both larger training facilities and more space efficient hotel or company gyms. Made in durable steel with sturdy barbell holders makes this rack perfect for heavy weight training and functional fitness.


Special features


The barbell rack is equipped with two handles at the back. These can be used for dips training. Simply adjust the rack to a smaller width with the simple setting at the middle beam.



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