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Gymleco Air Bike

Gymleco Air Bike

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Gymleco’s Air bike has become an incredibly popular product in, among other things, functional training, which has now also come to the commercial gyms. The Air bike provides an incredibly tough and high-intensity cardio training, which is appreciated in functional fitness.


More about the Air bike

The Air bike is easy to use and runs on fan resistance, which means that the faster you pedal the higher the resistance. The bike is thus motor less and you avoid extra electricity costs and electrical cables.

Gymleco’s Air bike has unique features such as the strong frame and longevity of the bike. After years of feedback, we can proudly say that our Air bike is among the best on the market. Despite that, we also keep it price friendly.



  • Adjustable seat
  • Beverage holders
  • Display with e.g. interval programs, heart rate monitor and calorie measurement.


Shipping & Returns

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