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Gymleco Adjustable Decline Bench Curved

Gymleco Adjustable Decline Bench Curved

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Gymleco’s popular weight bench with a spinal motion on the backrest. This is a fully adjustable gym bench with negatively angled backrest, great for chest press workouts but also back rows, triceps extensions and perfectly comfortable bench for hip thrusts.

More about the Curved bench

A unique gym bench designed with a curved, spinal backrest. This bench gives you a big variety of training exercises to perform, for example chest exercises but also back rows and hip thrusts. The backrest in this gym bench can be adjusted in 8 different positions, from ground level all the way up in a seated position. The seat cushion can be set in 4 different positions.

Gymleco benches are designed in a compact shape so that they don't’ take too much space at the gym. Although the benches has a small footprint, they are stabile, sturdy and in highest quality to resist heavy training at professional gyms.


  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Stable bench that can withstand very high loads
  • Spinal shape on the backrest
  • Comes with wheels and handles for easy transportation



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