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Gymleco Abdominal Bench (Roman Chair)

Gymleco Abdominal Bench (Roman Chair)

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The Roman chair is a piece of exercise equipment, usually used for the lower back and hamstring. This one though is a reversed one, great for abdominal workouts. This equipment don’t need any settings which makes it easy to use for anyone. 


More about Roman Chair

In Gymleco’s Roman Chair you just sit down with the bigger cushion behind you, and then start working out by falling down and then getting up isolating your abdominal muscles. This gym equipment is simple, effective and without any settings. 

Suitable for all body lengths. Easy to place at any gym thanks to the compact design. Gymleco’s equipment are always designed for commercial use. It means that the equipment is made of high quality materials and resist heavy strength training year after year.

  • Grip-friendly handles along the sides
  • No settings

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