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Gymleco 819 Multi Grip weightlifting bar

Gymleco 819 Multi Grip weightlifting bar

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This unique barbell is a very popular designed bar for professional use. This barbell gives you four different natural grip options and has a 15 degree angle between the middle handles. This type of barbell is also often referred to as a Swiss bar.


Technical specifications & Documents

Bearings & bushings

Needle bearing

Grip diameter

30 mm

Barbell sleeve surface

Chemical Nickel

Total bar weight

20 kg

Sleeve diameter

50 mm

Sleeve length

290 mm

Load capacity

+400 kg

Total bar length

1975 mm

Grip width

300 mm, 520 mm, 725 mm

Grip surface

Black hard chrome 819


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Whit our Multi grip bar, also called Swiss bar you can train chest press, biceps, triceps, shoulder exercises and more. Thanks to the neutral grip, strain on sore wrists is reduced. The training possibilities are endless with this bar! This Multi grip bar fits traditional bench press benches and stands, which means that it can be placed in any gym. Also, this i a great choice in every home gym that requires professional quality equipment.

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