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Gymleco 812C Competition Weightlifting Bar, Women

Gymleco 812C Competition Weightlifting Bar, Women

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Gymleco’s competition bar for women is a high quality barbell made for weightlifting. This barbell is designed and manufactured to meet all the requirements at official competitions. A professional barbell that will bring joy to every weightlifting session.

Technical specifications & Documents

Bearings & bushings

Needle bearing

Grip diameter

25 mm

Barbell sleeve surface

Hard chrome

Total bar weight

15 kg

Exercise types


Sleeve diameter

50 mm

Sleeve length

322 mm

Load capacity

+800 kg

Total bar length

2010 mm

Grip marking

Weightlifting 812C

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This powerful barbell is made of durable material choices. In combination with the hard chrome surface the result is a barbell you can trust in every rep. The soft knurling is suitable for snatches and clean & jerks.

This barbell is a so-called women’s bar and is therefore slightly shorter and has a lighter weight than a traditional barbell. Made according to official requirements.

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