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Gymleco 418 Hex Bar

Gymleco 418 Hex Bar

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A Hex Bar has become more and more popular in recent years and is often used as a complementary training tool for deadlifts. The barbell enables an even lift and many feel that they can load more weight with a Hex Bar than a regular barbell during deadlifts.

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Gymleco’s Hex bar is designed for professional use with +250 kg load capacity. The barbell has two different handgrips with 12 cm apart. This makes our Hex bar excellent for alternative deadlifts. Thanks to this and the fact that the grip is parallel to the body, exercises such as deadlifts are easier to perform.

Have you ever heard Shrug bar och Trap bar? Thats probably because this barbell is common in trapezius training called “shrugs”.

Gymleco’s Hex bar has a classic look that suits all gyms, regardless of size and environment. 



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