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Gymleco 370 Seated Abs Machine

Gymleco 370 Seated Abs Machine

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Ready for the abs workout of your life?

This compact training machine from Gymleco gives you an extremely effective training of your abdominal muscles. It has an ergonomic design which reduces strain and stabilises the spine in an anatomically correct manner. A great machine to challenge your members with.


More about the machine



This abs machine is a top seller among Gymleco’s gym machines. Grab the handles above your head and rest your legs behind the leg support. Squeeze your legs and upper body towards each other and feel the burn. The machine is designed to fit all body lengths without any settings.

Unplug your hip flexor muscle. Stabilise and relieve the back in an anatomically correct way and start working out those abs.
The starting weight is low and the ergonomic design makes this gym machine suitable for everyone including rehabilitation. 


Technical specifications & Documents

Gym machine muscle target


Cushion color



101 cm

Exercise types

Strength training


104 cm


170 cm

Weight stack

60 kg


176 kg





Materials & details


You have support cushions for both your upper back, lower back, seating and legs. Which makes this machine very comfortable. The handles are in rubber for a great grip and you can easily set your desired weight from a sitting position. If you want a bigger weight stack it’s possible to add-on to this machine. Gymleco’s unique machine arm makes the exercise smooth so that you can focus on your training.



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