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Gymleco 369 Multihip

Gymleco 369 Multihip

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Gymlecos multihip machine trains the inside and outside of the thigh, the gluteus, the waist, the front of the thigh and hip muscles including the hip flexor. This is a multifunctional standing gym machine for your legs and hip workout that is easy to understand and suits all body lengths. A combi machine that has a simple, compact design offering a diverse and flexible training.


More about the gym machine


In this lower body machine you can do a lot of different leg exercises. Simply change the placement of the rounded cushion to the left or right. The settings have a 10° interval so that you can set the machine to fit your body perfectly.

1. Face the machine, holding the handles in each hand, and push the round cushion upwards and outwards with your knee to train the outside of your thighs and glutes.

2. Do the same exercise but push the cushion inwards and downwards to train the inside of your thighs.

3. Turn to the left or right and hold one handle with both hands. Place the cushion on the backside of your thigh and push the cushion backwards and upwards to train your glutes.

4. Switch so that the cushion is placed on top of your thigh instead and knee forwards and upwards training your front thighs and waist.

An ergonomic gym machine where you can train a lot of different muscles groups. A great addition to your gym where you might lack the space as in a smaller boutique gym, hotel gym or office gym, but still want to offer a lot of different lower body exercises.

Special features


The gym machine has an easy and clear instruction display where the user is given clear information on the execution of each exercise. It’s also equipped with a solid knurled plate for your feet which provides stability and safety for the user. You can easily change the height of the foot plate to fit your body length.

You can add more weight to your weight stack in your order.


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Length 115 cm / Width 110 cm /Height 160 cm

    - Weight: 177 kg

    - Weight stack: 60 kg (Larger weight stack optional)

    - Standard frame colour: black

    - Standard cushion colour: black/red



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