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Gymleco 365B Lumbar/Abdominal (with armrest)

Gymleco 365B Lumbar/Abdominal (with armrest)

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Combi gym machine for effective training of the lower back and abdominal muscles. Both major muscles groups that are important to stabilize your core.


More about the gym machine


You can change the exercise with an easy setting to the right of you, changing the starting position. There are 13 different positions with a 10° interval so that anyone can use the gym machine, even if you have a weak or injured back. The armrests together with the handles and the back support make sure that you keep the correct ergonomic position when training. In this back/abs machine, compared to 365a where you use the round cushion, you use the handles and the back cushion to push backwards or forwards when training different muscle groups.
For the abs exercise: change so that the back rest is further back and push down your upper body forwards, towards your legs.
For the back exercise: change so that the back rest is set forwards, closer to the seat, and push your upper body backwards.

Even though you have two exercises in one gym machine the design is compact, so that you can place the combi machine in any gym. Having two training exercises in one place also means that you optimize your space and can fit more gym equipment in your smaller gyms such as company gyms or boutique gyms.


Special features


On top of the starting position your can also easily change the position of the knee support. Use the pin setting and the sturdy steel handle to move the knee support back and forth.
If needed you can add on weight to your weight stack to be able to offer heavier training.


Gym machine muscle target

Back, Abdominal

Cushion color


Exercise types

Strength training


100 cm


160 cm


90 cm


230 kg

Weight stack

100 kg




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