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Gymleco 356 Forearm machine, 3 exercises

Gymleco 356 Forearm machine, 3 exercises

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Forearm machine from Gymleco where multiple press-rotation exercises can be performed in order to build up strength in the the often overlooked forearm.


More about the gym machine


With this amazing machine you have three exercises in the same place. This lets you optimize your space and offer more diversity to your gym members.
1. Train the forearm by placing your hands on the inner handles and your thumbs on the outer handles and squeeze the handles together.
2. Train the forearms flexural strength by rotating the tubes in the middle. Rotate them towards you to bring the weight stack up and then back slowly to bring the weight stack down.
3. Train the rotational strength of the forearm by gripping the handle of the side of the machine and rotating it with either your left or right hand.

As always Gymleco’s machines have a compact design so that you can fit more gym equipment on your surface.



This forearm machine has a premium steel weight stack where can easily adjust the weight with a steel pin. The handle grips on the side and for your thumbs are in rubber for a comfortable grip. The back handle is in steel and the rotation handles are in knurled aluminium for ultimate grip strength. 


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Length 61 cm / Width 75 cm / Height 136 cm

    - Weight: 147,5 kg

    - Weight stack: 80 kg (Larger weight stack optional)

    - Several different exercises

    - Standard frame colour: black



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