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Gymleco 343 Seated Leg Press

Gymleco 343 Seated Leg Press

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This Gymleco leg press is a uniquely built machine with the smoothest movement and a lot of options. The ergonomic, curved back support together with the tilted footplate makes this a one of a kind and a leg machine that your gym members will love. 


More about the gym machine


This is a leg press with 6 different starting positions on the back rest so that you can workout sitting up or lying down. It also has a simple setting for moving the seat closer or further apart from the footplate. Making the movement as deep as you want it to be.
Set the starting position, put your feet on the footplate, and press yourself backwards with your feet. The movement is smooth and friction free. Mostly the leg press is used to train your quads but it effectively trains multiple parts of your legs dependent on how your place your feet. Wide apart is more inside of the thighs, closer together more outside of thighs and higher up targets more glutes. You can also train your calves in an effective way.

Special features

The foot plate and head rest are also adjustable. For the feet you can change the angle in 5 different positions dependant on how you want your feet to be placed. The head rest you can make longer dependent on your body length. The low position of the footplate makes the gym machine ideal for rehabilitation use.
You have two rubber handles on each side of the seat for a great grip during your training. 


Technical specifications & Documents

Gym machine muscle target


Exercise types

Strength training


162 cm


221 cm


316 kg


116 cm

Weight stack

150 kg



Shipping & Returns

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