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Gymleco 341 Leg Curl Seated

Gymleco 341 Leg Curl Seated

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This is one of our most sold leg machines: the seated leg curl. Sit down, adjust the backrest and start training your hamstrings. A compact and beautiful machine that should have a spot in every gym. 


More about the gym machine


This Gymleco machine effectively trains the backside thighs or hamstrings. Sit down in the machine, place your legs in between the foot supports and bend your legs towards your body. The exercise focuses on the backside of your legs but also works out other muscle groups such as your calves.


Special features


The tilting design of the seat allows the muscle to work freely throughout the movement and the long movement path allows the muscle to work its entire length. The machine follows the body’s natural movement. In fact the balancing is so good that neither a counterbalanced lever or belt is needed.

The double cushions for the legs are designed to give a great grip and feeling when exercising since you also get eccentric training when raising your legs back to starting position. You can easily enter the machine by gripping the rubber handle to the right and pull the leg support down towards you. Once in you can change the weight in the machine while sitting down. Use the handles next to the seat to keep your body in place when training heavy. Make sure to adjust the back rest with our step-free setting so you have a good support for your back without any sway-back.

If needed you can add on weight to your weight stack to be able to do even heavier curls.


Technical specifications & Documents

Gym machine muscle target


Cushion color



136 cm


148 cm




100 cm

Weight stack

80 kg




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