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Gymleco 340R Leg Extension, Rehab

Gymleco 340R Leg Extension, Rehab

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Gymleco’s leg extension specifically designed for rehabilitation use. It has a low starting weight and a low weight increase. It’s easy to enter and leave and has an adjustable starting position. All to make it possible for anyone to use this well designed leg machine.


More about the leg machine

There are 13 different starting positions that have a 10° intervals. That’s not enough. All settings are also adjustable from sitting position with a simple handgrip. This to make the leg machine as user friendly as possible. Take a look at image 2 and 3 in the gallery to see a detail view of the simple pin settings. These are a fastened part of the machine so that they don’t come off and get lost.

The gym machine has ergonomic seating and a perfect biomechanical motion to make the exercise as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Additional features


The stable lower foot support is great for easy entry and exit and has a round cushion for ultimate comfort. The foot support is connected to a very solid arm which provide a stable and accurate movement even during heavy training.

The weight increase is 2.5 kg at start. The weight stack can be adjusted as needed and with a light increase throughout.


Technical specifications & Documents

Exercise types

Strength training


95 cm


162 cm


99 cm


213 kg

Weight stack

100 kg



Gym machine muscle target


Shipping & Returns

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