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Gymleco 340 Leg Extension

Gymleco 340 Leg Extension

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Leg Extension is one of the most traditional gym machines at the gym and a must for all serious gyms. Here you train quads (frontal part of the legs) in a kick movement. Our Gymleco machine is one of the best on the market since it has our typical smooth ergonomic movement with the correct load on the muscle throughout the exercise. It is compact so you can fit more of our leg machines at your gym and of course in high quality materials so you can be sure that it will last you many years to come. 


More about the gym machine


Gymleco’s leg extension is designed with correct positioning of the pivot points which gives an anatomical correct curve and therefore a smooth and even load throughout the movement. Additionally you have Gymleco’s unique camshaft, which distributes the load throughout the movement.
The gym machine focuses the load on the front of the thighs and is gentle on the joints. It has a low starting weight which makes it suitable for everyone at the gym including rehabilitation. 


Materials & details


You have the ability to adjust both the backrest and foot support while sitting in the machine. Both of the cushions are in high quality leather for ultimate comfort. The foot support is round to fit all users and lay comfortable on the lower legs. You have two handles on each side of the seat so that you can keep your body in the correct place when training with a lot of weight. 


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Length 95 cm / Width 99 cm / Height 162 cm

    - Weight: 202 kg

    - Weight Stack: 100 kg (Larger weight stack optional)

    - Stepless adjustment of backrest and foot cushion

    - Standard frame colour: black

    - Standard cushion colour: black / red

Shipping & Returns

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