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Gymleco 336 Shoulder Front Press

Gymleco 336 Shoulder Front Press

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Let us amaze you with our new seated shoulder press that is forward facing!

We have the pleasure to present our latest addition of sectorized shoulder machines. A world-unique shoulder press that revolutionizes traditional shoulder training. Thanks to the precise design of the ergonomic function, shoulder training becomes a pure pleasure with this machine.


More about the gym machine


There are many features that make this machine unique. To begin with, the sitting position is facing forward towards a supporting chest cushion, which means that the position is slightly tilted forward. The movement path therefore becomes more gentle on sore shoulder joints. In addition, the machine has individual arm. This makes it possible to train with one arm at a time. Which reduces the risk of taking more of the weight with your stronger arm.


Adjustable settings


The chest support and seat cushion are both adjustable to easily adapt the machine to each individual. The weight stack is in premium steel with a weight stack lock in the same material that you easily adjust the weight with. As always, all Gymleco’s gym machines are made in robust material choices with priority on quality and durability.



Technical specifications & Documents


110 cm


240 kg


165 cm

Weight stack

100 kg

Cushion color


Gym machine muscle target


Exercise types

Strength training

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