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Gymleco 333 Rear Deltroid Shoulder

Gymleco 333 Rear Deltroid Shoulder

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Certainly one of the world’s best shoulder machines for the back part of your shoulders. 

Thanks to its unique design, with handles that leads your movement in the correct path, you optimize your shoulder training in an ergonomic and safe way. 


More about the gym machine


Use the machine by adjusting the seat to your height and placing your chest against the chest support. Grab the handles in front of you and press them outwards, opening up your arms. The machine has individual levers which means that you can train both shoulders at the same time, alternate the arms or train one shoulder at a time. This diversifies your training and lets you train exactly what you need. The back of the shoulders are often forgotten in training so make sure that your gym members have this machine to offer them a great shoulder workout.


Special features


With the handles that leads your movement you make sure that all your gym members can use this shoulder machine, even if you’re a beginner or in rehabilitation. The large platform for your feet is in steel with knurling to make sure that you have a good grip with your feet. The handles are a bit tilted to make sure that you have a natural position of your body which is ergonomic. A fantastic machine not only for it’s functionality but also for it’s beautiful and compact design.


Are you looking for a combi machine for both your rear deltoid shoulders and pec deck?


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Length 147 cm / Width 70 – 174 cm / Height 149 cm

    - Weight: 224 kg

    - Weight stack: 100 kg (Larger weight stack optional)

    - Gymleco’s unique leading handle that prevents the back muscles from taking over the work

    - Individually balanced arms

    - Standard frame colour: black

    - Standard cushion colour: black/red

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