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Gymleco 330 Shoulder Press

Gymleco 330 Shoulder Press

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Feel the difference with our Gymleco shoulder press.

Right from the start the movement feels natural going inwards until the handles meet above the head. A smooth exercise with the correct resistance throughout the movement. 

More about the gym machine


Adjust the backrest to fit your body size. Move the seat upwards or downwards with our stepfree settings dependent on your body length. Place yourself comfortable in the machine and press the handles upwards above your head. The gym machine is equipped with counterweights for an easy start and the movement is ergonomic which allows you to push your training even further. 


Materials & details


The handles are a bit angled in a soft rubber for a great grip. The weights stack is in nickel coated steel and split. Having lighter weights at the top and heavier at the bottom so that all your members can enjoy the machine. If needed you can also add on weight to your weight stack for the really heavy lifters. All the cushions are in nice looking black leather (available in red as well) with an embroidered Gymleco logo at the head support.

This exercise is a must at every gym and as all Gymleco equipment space efficient so that you can fit more machines in your gym. 


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Length 155 cm / Width 125 cm / Height 165 cm

    - Weight: 234 kg

    - Weight stack: 100 kg (Larger weight stack optional)

    - Ergonomic angles

    - Balanced counterweights for low take-off loads

    - Standard frame colour: black

    - Standard cushion colour: black/red 

Shipping & Returns

Customers wishing to upgrade to'Delivery and Installation'please contact us directly on 01782 978978.

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