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Gymleco 326 Standing Pec Fly

Gymleco 326 Standing Pec Fly

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Gymleco’s highly appreciated standing chest machine or pec fly. This Gymleco machine gives you the opportunity to perform wide chest training. Which gives you the same feeling as when exercising in a cable cross machine.


More about the chest machine


In this unique chest machine you perform the exercise standing which is a more and more popular way to train since it’s easy to access, there are no settings and you get a lot of power when standing up. It has a correct muscle movement which prevents injury and makes the exercise smooth.


Special features


This pec fly machine is equipped with comfortable declining handles that fit all body lengths. It has a large foot platform which has two different levels. Which allows the exercise to be performed regardless of body length.

All of the parts are made in the highest quality which means that this gym machine will last you many years and keep its good looks.


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Width 135 cm / Length 112 cm / Height 177 cm

    - Weight: 200 kg

    - Weight stack: 100 kg (Larger weight stack optional)

    - Standard frame colour: Black 

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