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Gymleco 324 Pullover

Gymleco 324 Pullover

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This gym machine should be in every gym. Here you train the back muscles, shoulders, arms and chest. An exercise machine where you train the whole upper body. It’s designed with a long anatomical movement that starts above the head and goes in a straight arc down to the legs.


More about the gym machine


Use the foot pedal to move the handles forward for an easier start. Push down the handles all the way to the legs and back over your head. A long movement that trains the whole upper body. The exercise is well known and loved but usually done in a cable cross. In a gym machine you make sure that the user does the training exercise safe and correct. For the user the training will feel stable and smooth. 


Special features


You can spin the angled handles which makes the movement of your arms, wrists and hands natural and ergonomic. The knurled footrest ensures that you sit firmly with a good support for your lower back. You have a step free seat so that you can adapt the upper body machine to your body length.

Optional to add more weight to your weight stack. 


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Length 143 cm / Width 89 cm / Height 172 cm

    - Weight: 190 kg

    - Weight stack: 100 kg (Larger weight block optional)

    - Pedal for easy access to the handle from sitting

    - Step less adjustment of seat

    - Footrests that prevent slumping

    - Standard frame colour: black

    - Standard cushion colour: black/red

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