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Gymleco 323 Seated Pec Deck

Gymleco 323 Seated Pec Deck

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This is Gymleco’s Pec Deck machine that trains the entire chest musculature. It has an anatomically correct angle of the movement which makes the machine ergonomic and the training efficient. Individual arms and movable handles are some of the great features in this gym machine. Scroll down to read more. 


More about the gym machine


Set your weight and grab the handles. Push them together in front of you and feel the activation of your chest muscles. The handles are movable so that you can get the perfect grip. Together with the design of the arms the machine takes the load of the shoulders. The chest machine has individual arms which creates a more natural feeling and a freedom in the movement. Try the machine and feel the difference. 

Special features


The simple adjustment of the handles makes it easily adapted for all lengths and the knurled foot support provides you with even more stability. The seat has our step free settings and the weight stack is split. Having lighter weights at the top and heavier at the bottom so that everyone can use this chest machine. If you want you can add on weight to your weight stack in your order. 

Even though the exercise is a a big movement we’ve designed the chest machine so that it’s compact. This to make it fit in any gym. 


  • Description

    - Dimensions: Length 146 cm / Width 171 cm / Height 150 cm

    - Weight: 198,5 kg

    - Weight magazine: 100 kg (Larger weight block optional)

    - Low compact machine

    - Comfortable rubber handles

    - Standard frame colour: black 

    - Standard cushion colour: black/red 

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