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Gymleco 115 T-Bar Row

Gymleco 115 T-Bar Row

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T-Bar Row was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite exercise. The machine is easy to understand and perform for everybody and effective for the whole back muscles. 


More about the machine

T-Bar Row was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite exercise for a reason. It is easy to perform, effective for the muscles and you can load the machine heavy as you use your whole back to perform the exercise. You can train your back with the T-bar row using a wide variety of sets, reps, and loading. You can train it heavy without adding risks to your lower back or stress to your hips. 

Special features

Gymleco’s T-Bar Row is designed with a wide handle at the right angle and footplates with anti-slip protection. The long footplates make it possible to find the right position for you in the exercise. This T-Bar Row is stable and robust suitable for the professional gyms that seek great gym equipment. 

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