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Glute Ham Developer, GHD

Glute Ham Developer, GHD

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Crush your lower back and hamstring workouts with this Gymleco Glute-ham raise. This piece of gym equipment is designed with a stable frame to provide you a safe workout. The machine is easy to understand for everybody and the adjustable settings makes it possible for all body lengths to use it.


Technical specifications & Documents

Exercise types

Functional Training




178 cm


89 cm


122,5 cm


90 kg

Cushion color

Black 641

More about Gymleco’s GHD

Glute Ham Developer, in short GHD, is made for training the whole lower back, gluteus and the backside of the thighs in an effective way. The lower back, hamstrings and glutes provide a strong base for a great posture. Glute-ham raises work these muscles, as well as your spinal erectors, which can help improve your posture. On top of this, the machine is also excellent to use for sit-ups or back lifts.

Gymleco’s Glute-ham developer is stable and robust and therefore perfect for both commercial gyms, business gyms and home gyms for those who seek better gym equipment. The Glute-ham raise works for all body lengths since you have the possibility to change the footing in both height and length.



  • Suitable for training the gluteus, back and abdominal muscles
  • Height adjustable at the foothold
  • Comfortable pads for extra comfort
  • Stable and robust construction

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