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Colored weight plates in rubber with handles

Colored weight plates in rubber with handles

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Gymleco’s colored international weight plates in high quality rubber. These rubberized weights are really popular among our customers since they are extremely durable and intended for heavy use at professional gyms.


More about the weight plates


These weights works fantastic on both plate loaded machines and in powerlifting exercises. Thanks to the handles they are easy to change between rack and machine or barbell.

This model is same as our art 422 black weight plates but in colours instead. We have had these weights in our assortment for over 15 years and therefore have the confidence to say that they are really good and extremely durable. The weights can be found in sizes 1,25 kg up to 25 kg. The colours make it easy for you to identify which weights you’ve loaded onto your gym machine or barbell.


Variations & organizing your weights


Are you looking for bumper plates instead? Take a look here. The difference is that these weight plates are made of harder rubber so they don’t bounce like bumper plates needed in weightlifting.

Don’t forget to buy a rack for your weights so that they don’t end up on the floor. Take a look at our selection of high quality weight hangers which will make your weight plates look even better.


Sold individually and not in pairs. 


Weight plate colour

Coloured by weight

Weight plate material

Rubber Weights

Weight plate type


Exercise types

Functional Training

1,25 kg in black

157 mm in diameter & 17 mm in thickness

2,5 kg in black

200 mm in diameter & 23 mm in thickness

5 kg in red

265 mm in diameter & 34 mm in thickness

10 kg in green

325 mm in diameter & 34 mm in thickness

15 kg in yellow

450 mm in diameter & 34 mm in thickness

20 kg in blue

450 mm in diameter & 36 mm in thickness

25 kg in red

450 mm in diameter & 38 mm in thickness

Shipping & Returns

Customers wishing to upgrade to'Delivery and Installation'please contact us directly on 01782 978978.

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