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Carriage for Gym Cable Handles

Carriage for Gym Cable Handles

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Gymleco has the solution for optimal handle storage in your gym. This handles and accessories carriage has two sides which means a lot of equipment can be stored in it. It also has wheels which means that you can move it wherever you need to. A stylish equipment that is very practical!


More about the handles storage


The handle carriage has place for 14 exercise handles, training accessories, weight lifting belts, lifting straps, jump ropes etc on each side as well as 2 hangers on each end. Since it’s able to store a lot of equipment the cleaning of the gym gets so much easier and it creates an overall tidy and organized look in your gym.

Due to the easy navigated and high quality wheels you can place the carriage wherever you want and move it around when cleaning. This is a great feature since most gyms are always evolving and being able to move equipment is therefore a great help.

Thanks to the board’s timeless and classic design it fits perfectly in any gym next to your cable machine or multi gym. It’s made in the highest quality materials so you can be sure that it dosen’t brake even if it’s used a lot in the gym.


Storage in the gym

It’s important to remember the storage when buying gym equipment. It’s easy to forget but an essential part of keeping your gym organized. This to increase the life span of your equipment and making cleaning easier in the gym. If you have a boutique gym, box or big commercial gym your gym members will appreciate having a designated place for the gym equipment and the look and feel of a gym where it’s clean and tidy.

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