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Black weight plates in rubber

Black weight plates in rubber

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These Gymleco weight plates are designed in high quality rubber in black with coloured text. The weight plates are intended for commercial use and therefore resist heavy training at any gym.


Price will be differ on size CONTACT US!

More about the weight plate


These weight plates are made of strong rubber, have a diameter of 450 mm and a reinforced steel centre in the middle. The difference between these weight plates and our weight plates with handles is that these weight plates are more “bouncy” and have the same diameter on all weights. This to optimize them for usage in functional training where you for example do clean lifts.
The colours on the text are an easy indication of which weight you’re loading on to your barbell or plate loaded machine.

Available in sizes: 5kg – 25kg.

 Sold as 150kg set or separately after contacting us!

Other variations & storage


If you are looking for bumper plates that are in high temp material and in black color as well, you have a direct link to read more here.
If you are looking for a rack for your weight plates take a look at our bumper shelf 896 or our 6 or 8 hanger shelfs. Both really good options if you want to organize your weights.


 Sold separately and not in pairs!

Technical specifications & Documents

Weight plate color

All black

Weight plate material

Rubber Weights

Weight plate type

Training Weights

Exercise types

Functional Training



5 kg

25 mm in thickness

10 kg

34 mm in thickness


43 mm in thickness

20 kg

52 mm in thickness

25 kg

63 mm in thickness

Shipping & Returns

Customers wishing to upgrade to'Delivery and Installation'please contact us directly on 01782 978978.

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