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812 15kg Weightlifting Bar, Women

812 15kg Weightlifting Bar, Women

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Gymleco’s Weightlifting Bar is designed for women’s weightlifting. The barbell weighs a total of 15 kg, has double grip markings and a smooth knurling, which gives you perfect feeling and grip in your strength training.


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This is an extremely durable barbell that fits perfectly in professional gyms and training rooms. Today we have several satisfied customers with these barbells, feel free to ask us!

More about weightlifting

Our Weightlifting barbell is a classic ladies bar that weighs 15 kg and is 201 cm long. Women's barbell is slight shorter and lighter than a classic barbell. Which are the dimensions required in official competitions. The barbell is also made with needle bearings, which is preferable in weightlifting. Exercises such as snatches and clean & jerk should be performed with a barbell that either has needle bearings or ball bearings. This is so that the weights can spin on the bar during the lift.

This particular barbell also has double grip markings, which makes it easier if the lifter wants to be able to perform both powerlifting and weightlifting with the correct grip.

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